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Stella’s Trunk online represents Stella’s travels around the world, the artisan/creator gifts she finds, the stories of where she found them, and educates readers in her journal on what makes these products luxurious. Stella’s Trunk is full of the treasures she finds, and you can purchase these great gifts too, right here at this online boutique. These are “one for you and one for me” kinds of gifts!

Stella’s Retail Boutique

stellasshotStella’s trunk has overflowed with amazing new items and now Stella’s brick & mortar retail boutique has been born! Stella’s new flagship location in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, features America’s largest authentic denim bar, high-quality shabby chic clothing, unique artisan jewelry, and luxury giftables collected from around the world!

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Stella's Trunk

Stella is the kind of friend everyone wants. She’s chic, sophisticated, loves to travel, and shares her great finds from around the globe with friends and family. The treasures she brings home are affordable and numerous so that there’s something for everyone. With Stella, you will never go wrong. Let yourself into her closet and check out what finds are in Stella’s Trunk! Read more